Related Forms and Guidelines



            a.         Application Form

2.         Registration of Dissertation/Research Project

            a.         First Time Registration of Dissertation For Prior Intake Session 2009/2010
                        (i.e. registration no. beginning with 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02, 01)

                       i.          Postgraduate Progress Report Form via Online at Student Portal (e-Progress)

             b.         Registration Research Project WXGA6183/WXGB6183/WXGC6185 [16 Credits]
                         For Intake Session 2010/2011 only

                        i.          Progress Report for Research Project  

             c.         Registration Dissertation WXGA6186/WXGB6182/WXGC6184 [40 Credits]
                         For Intake Session 2011/2012 and onwards

3.         Submission of Dissertation/Thesis Form

4.         Submission For Research Project Examination Form

           a.         Guidelines of Research Report

5.         Original Literary Work Declaration

6.         Specialization Form (For Master of Computer Science only)  

7.         Withdrawal Form

            a.         Withdrawal From Semester Form (IPS)

            b.         Attach together with :

                        i.          Withdrawal From Semester Form for Coursework (FCSIT) or;

                        ii.         Withdrawal From Semester Form for Dissertation (FCSIT)

8.         Appeal Form to Reactivate Lapsed Candidature

            a.         Progress Report For Higher Degree Candidates

9.         Appeal Form to Extend Maximum Period of Candidature

10.       Withdrawal from Programme of Study

11.       Form and Guideline for Attending A Conference   

             i. Travel Policy

             ii. Form

             iii. Guideline

12.       Research Lab/PhD Room Registration Form (Online)

13.     Form Change of Supervisor / Co-Supervisor / Field of Research

 14.       Candidature Defense Assessment Form :

             a.         For Intake Session 2010/2011 and earlier (i.e. registration no. beginning with
                         10, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02)

             b.         For Intake Session 2011/2012 (i.e. registration no. beginning with 11, 12, 13)

             c.         Candidature Defense Guidelines

 15.       Feedback Form (Postgraduate Students Feedback)

 16.      Publication Requirement and Publication Guidelines for Postgraduate Candidates by Research